Your Guide to Using a Smartphone Without a Dataplan

Why do I need a smartphone?

A smartphone is a mobile device which offers many more features than a typical cellular device.  The advent the iPhone and Android has made us all aware of the cool applications not available to basic mobile service.  However, this comes at a price; a data package is required in addition to the basic phone contract. As of this writing, a basic 3G dataplan with limited data transfer can cost  additionally $200 to $500 dollars  each year.

What, no dataplan?

You can use many smartphone applications without a dataplan.  This is made possible by three features found on select unlocked cell phones.

So what services can I use for free?

If you have access to WiFi access at home, coffee shop, library, airport, etc., you can:

  • Surf the web
  • Send and receive email
  • Download podcasts
  • Watch YouTube
  • Listen to internet radio

If you’re lucky enough to own a phone with a GPS radio receiver, you can additionally (without WiFi):

  • Get directions
  • Map your position
  • See how long you’ve run, drove, kayaked.

Additionally, for those entrepreneurs on the move, some smartphones can:

  • Read pdf documents
  • Read and create Word and Excel documents

So what’s the catch?

First, not every cell phone carrier supplies SIM cards to their customers.  You will be limited to to select carriers.  Secondly, you’ll be limited to email services and surfing the web at locations equipped with WIFI.  Lastly,  since you won’t be using your carrier’s GPS, you will need to use the GPS radio receiver on your phone.  At times, this service may not be available or is slower than cell phone triangulation services.  However, you may be able to use the GPS in areas with NO cellular coverage!

Oh Yeah! This is for me.

Great!  You too can own a feature-rich smartphone without a dataplan or even contract; it’s easier than you think.  This site will take you to the next step.  You will find information about which smartphones to choose, what pre-paid and contract services are available and how to best use the smartphone tools.

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